Monday, October 11, 2021

Champs part 3

Day 3 of champs was not a clean one. But he had a lot of fun and did a lot of good things. And we got to pick up our “ribbon” for 7th place in round four!

Our last day of competition was the team relay which was fun and then the challengers course. It was rough and he did a most of it really well. 

We had a few more dinners with the glampers and then his the road this morning 

And I think we all enjoyed trialing while camping on site. Getting to relax in bed with the a/c between runs was so nice!

Tonight we stopped at a nice campground on a lake and we even have a direct lake view!

My memories from 10 years ago on Facebook are of Legend’s first trip to champs. She was just a few months older than Epic is now but a lot more experienced competitor. I remember being disappointed that we didn’t get any clean runs and I’m super pleased with Epic for getting 3 and a placement was really icing on the cake. I know we finished near the bottom of our division still but he really did his best for where we are at this point in his training and it was a very competitive group. I’m excited to see how he can improve in future years but for we will continue working on small goals and also take a little time during some of the winter months. 

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Helen said...

Congrats! Great results to make the placements. I would be happy. I bought my trailer to take the dogs to agility trials and so far have only used it once. Maybe next year.