Monday, November 15, 2021

Nosework and agility

Shortly after champs we traveled to Oklahoma to give our NW2 a shot. Even though we hadn’t been practicing. But, Epic blew me away again. He rocked it. We picked up two placements as well first overall! I think he’s tired of me saying Legend was better than him lol. Now we get to spend the winter doing some training to prepare for NW3. 

The next weekend we went to agility. Again with no practice since we have been so busy. But we had a great time getting some Qs and also winning a prize in the costume contest. I had a Halloween shirt that said only here for the boos and epic was my booze!

The next weekend we squeezed in a day of AKC and he picked up a first and second in a big class of advanced interiors. And now we are done trialing for the year! Time to relax a bit and then regroup. 

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