Friday, May 14, 2010

Training and Raining

Yesterday I worked the dogs in between rain storms. I put a heavier blanket over my chute to weight it down and make it darker and Lyric went right on through-she didn't even stop and play with the cat that was hanging out inside it! Good girl! For whatever reason she turns better and picks up on rear crosses to the right better than to the left. Since it's raining today maybe we will work on some turns on the flat to help her.

Legend did much better on her sends over the dogwalk and I started adding some more distance and some slight angles to her sends to the weave poles and jumps. And I increased the lateral distance I am sending her out along a line of jumps. I also started sending her to the table.

I laid a decent sized track for Zodiac which he did pretty well on. He only got off the track a few times briefly and he followed the turns well. Of course I had laid the turns pretty heavy with food, but you gotta start somewhere.

It looks like it will rain most of the day so we will be entertaining ourselves inside. Trip is already bored. I took them out for a little ball in the rain, but you can only do that so much before everyone is soaked!

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baystatebrumby said...

I'm excited because I signed our dog for an agility class! They have teeter totters there, and tire jumps! I can't wait!!