Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Legend and I just finished four days of NADAC agility at Purina Farms. We had great weather-although a little warm to be out running multiple times a day, or to be leash running for Elite!

She didn't have the greatest Q rate this weekend but there were still good moments. She did get one Elite Regular Q to finish her title. Her other regular runs were a mixture of handler or dog error. I totally went the wrong way on one course-been a while since I did that. She got her first Elite jumpers leg as well-with her fastest yards per second ever. Two other jumpers runs were clean but over course time. Would have been ok for AKC, but not NADAC. She had a couple really close Chances runs. I was really proud of her on the one where she had to take a jump, turn 180 degrees AWAY from me, take another jump and then continue out to a tunnel. We're starting to work more and more on distance stuff and I can see that she is getting there. They had some tough challenges this weekend for Open dogs. Touch and Go legs continue to elude us-I think we are cursed. Still have no Touch and Go legs at all and yet she is in Elite in so many other classes. We also tried Hoopers this weekend. Legend and I both think hoops are stupid but Hoopers points may be required for Championships next year so we are giving it a shot, in case we should happen to otherwise qualify! The first try was kind of a disaster, but we did manage to do enough hoops the second time to get a Q.

The only real mishap of the weekend was when we took the dogs down to play in the creek. Legend felt the need to give us all a heart attack by running up the other side of the bank, getting on the bridge (about 10-12 feet above the shallow water) and suddenly jumping down! We all had visions of broken bones or worse, but she bounced up and was running around again before we could even say anything. I couldn't believe she just jumped without even hesitating-this is a dog that wouldn't jump off a low dock for anything last summer. But thankfully she was ok and never even seemed sore. But it gave us all quite a scare. And how exactly she didn't get her flexi caught up in the railing I will never figure out-the creek was near the road and she gets pretty wild in the water so I had kept her on the flexi to maintain some control. Guess I should have kept it short enough to stop her from going up the other bank!

We are all tired and a little sun burned but looking forward to next year!

Oh, and an update from Trip's mom-she reports that he's doing awesome and she loves him. He was having a blast at the AKC trial in Tulsa this weekend, meeting lots of new friends and getting to know his new brother and sister!


Sara said...

Legend clearly has overcome any fear of heights she may have had! Glad she is ok. Maybe she is part cat? 8 lives left?

Congrats on your title, and also your fastest yards per second ever! That is a big deal, especially in hot weather.

Diana said...

OMG I would have had a heart attack too. Dogs can be so crazy. Congrats on your weekend!! And yea for Trip! Diana

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

wow, congrats to you and Legend on the title, that is fantastic! Congrats on the elite jumpers leg and the fast time.
wow, superdog moves like that could cause an owner to have heart attacks I am sure-even if the dog comes out ok, LOL.
Yippie for Trip, cool things sound like they are working out so well.

LauraK said...

Goodness, what a scare with Legend leaping off of things- that's crazy!

I'm glad you all had a good weekend, and I'm so happy that Trip is doing well with his new family :) I love hearing about happy ending rescue stories!

tervnmal said...

What a weekend! Glad the sun was shining for you at Purina and that Legend didn't get hurt being a crazy dog, I'm sure that possibility never crossed HER mind! And I'm really happy for Trip.