Friday, June 4, 2010

Back where I come from

This week I'm working in Coumbia for a friend. A paying friend! It has been a pretty full week too. We have had some busy days at the clinic and even stayed late a few nights.

Plus earlier in the week I went out and visited with our friend Nancy, who is the breeder of our pigs. I even got to see Touchdown's mom-still going strong at age 16!

Wednesday night I took Legend to obedience class at our old dog school. It was really good for her to be in that kind of situation plus we got to see old friends. We were going to go to agility tonight but after working late I decided we should get ice cream instead. That adventure led us downtown and for a little walk around campus.

Tomorrow it's back to STL for a bridal shower and more work. Then finally back home on Tuesday.

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tervnmal said...

Cool pics. My mom and her sister both graduated from the University of Mo. at Columbia, degrees in education, though.