Sunday, June 20, 2010


The girls had a great day two of the trial. Lyric Q'd in all three of her runs today! Her tunnelers and jumpers runs were picture perfect and her regular run was pretty good. She had so much fun running-she was just adorable. I should more video posted later in the week and probably some pictures.

Legend had a super day, qualifying in four of six runs. She got her first elite tunnelers leg and was four seconds under time which means she was really moving. Those elite tunnelers course times are really fast! Then she picked up an elite Regular leg (missed the discrimination in the other regular run). She also NQ'd on a tough open chances course. Next she had a nice run in novice weavers to finish her title. Finally it was on to elite jumpers. I knew it would be tough to get her to make course time at the end of a long weekend but I pushed her as hard as I could and we got the Q! What a good girl!

I have a few months until Lyric's next AKC trial and we will be focusing on proofing weave poles and understanding weave entrances better.


Diana said...

Wow, you guys had a great weekend. Congrats!! Diana

Chris and Ricky said...

Congratulations on a fantastic weekend!!!

tervnmal said...

Would love to see Lyric's video. Bet she is adorable. Congrats on a super weekend!