Monday, July 4, 2011

All things considered

Jumpers could have turned out much worse.  At some point during the lapse between standard and jumpers the sky clouded up.  Distant thunder was heard.  By the time the walk through for jumpers rolled around there was a raging thunderstorm going on outside.  And then I heard a noise in the event center I had not heard all weekend.  Surely that's not the tornado sirens?  Right?  Well, you guessed it-it was.  The next thing I knew everyone was grabbing their dogs and heading to the hallway.  That's a lot of dogs (half of whom are afraid of thunder) in one hallway.  I must say though, the girls remained very calm during the whole thing, which was over in about 10-15 minutes with no tornado. 

A few minutes later though we had to be in the ring.  Lyric had a great run, only missing the last few weave poles.  I was pretty proud of her considering the booming thunder, rain slamming into the metal building, it being the end of a very long weekend and me trying to remember the course after all the excitement! 

As the storm slowly petered out I waited on Legend's run.  She managed to get a Q going 4/6 on the weekend.  Not a lot of points to show for it, but we still got some and we don't need that many more anyway.

Here a few pics from the trial.  I will post video and some swimming pics later.


Greg S said...

Those weave poles are awesome with that striping! What a great picture!

Sara said...

Love the patriotic weave poles!

Oh my, a tornado siren at a trial. That must have been interesting. Glad your dogs did well.

Kathy said...

Great pictures! Wow, it is hard to imagine even rock solid dogs were not thrown off by the thunder then the sirens and then having to crowd into a small area with other dogs that are worried. Awesome anyone was able to do anything after that!