Sunday, July 31, 2011


Five QQ's.  That's what we are down to (well, that and 54 points but we'll get that just getting the 5 QQ's).  It's a little surreal to me that we are that close.  But I guess it's good that it doesn't seem real because as it is, I get so nervous every time we're running for a QQ!

So, yes, obviously today was better.  Legend did all the contact equipment like she's never had any problem at all.  I'm happy about that, but baffled.  We're still going to work on it though-can't take any chances. 

Lyric did better, went further up the teeter but not all the way, also had a refusal at the table.  Then we managed to somehow NQ in jumpers again without knowing what went wrong.  I was pretty sure I saw the judge's hand go up during our run so at least it wasn't a total shock when I picked up my scribe sheet.  And I know roughly where on the course it was.  But still, I guess I need to pay closer attention.  I guess Lyric wants this to be Legend's year!

I'm mailing Legend's entry for NADAC nationals tomorrow.  Technicallly we don't have all the points but hopefully enough to still get in!  Now, time to rest.


Greg S said...

Sounds like some video taping would help so you can find out why you are getting faulted!

Amy / Layla the Malamute said...

Only 5 to go - that's so exciting!

I have such an issue with Jumpers. I don't even understand. We're in Excellent in both Standard and Fast and still in Novice Jumpers. Usually just one small mistake - one knocked bar, one WC. I'm just so, so sick of it.

Kathy said...

woooo hooooo wow, only 5 QQ to go, that is so cool!
glad the contacts went well, I wonder if you could have asked to see the scribe sheet?

Sara said...

Go Legend!

Diana said...

Congrats. I'm so glad things went better.

Ellie said...

Good luck! 5 QQ's are nothin'.... you'll get them in no time flat! Those small errors are such a bummer, though... believe me, Cedar and I are no stranger to runs with "a lot of nice moments." :)

Nicki said...

Greg-left the camera at home. Figures.

Kathy-I did see the sheet but don't know exactly what number on the course the error occured.