Sunday, July 3, 2011


We've had better weekends. We've had worse weekends. Given the last two trials I should be pretty happy with what we have so far.

Lyric has earned two jumpers Qs, one with a second place. 0/3 in standard for various reasons-weave poles and teeter mostly but one day she refused the table and missed a discrimination. She seems to really be stressing over the teeter lately which translates to stress at the dogwalk too I think as she is not bolting over it like she used to. So we will be working lots of teeter and I think the dogwalk will come back. Also she needs to work on flips and rear crosses into tunnels. Although we've had a few weave pole failures this weekend I do feel she has made great progress on them but it's on the list to keep practicing.

Legend is 3/5 so far with a QQ yesterday. She is taking some issue with the teeter this weekend so we will work on that at home. I'd also like to speed up her dogwalk. It's not very consistent and this weekend was particularly slow. She has actually been slow in general this weekend. Not sure what's up with that. I was getting pretty used to running my moderately fast, confident dog. Maybe it's the stress of 3 days plus obedience, the surface or the contact equipment. Although the equipment seems very solid here she is Legend after all.

Open obedience went fairly well. She failed the drop on recall both days. We need to work on that. Her retrieve on the flat was nice but yesterday she didn't quite come in all the way. Her retrieve over the jump was lovely both days-but she didn't wait for my command either day. And she actually jumped the broad jump both days! Her heeling was quite nice today-far from perfect but really improved from the past. And she only missed one sit today and got all her finishes. I was most pleased with her attitude today. She was more relaxed and attentive and had a little more sharpness to her. So, making progress. I might even try to get to another obedience trial this year.

We took her to the park last night to play in the lake. She had so much fun. Too bad there is not some kind of water obstacle in agility!

Still have to run jumpers with both of them. We will see what the can pull off at the end of a long weekend. Video and pictures to follow!


Kathy said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend but a busy one with Obedience and agility ;-). Congrats on the Q's and good luck with the jumpers runs!!!!

Diana said...

Sounds like things are going well. Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

If there was a water obstacle you might not get her out of it! :)

Nicki said...

That's true Elizabeth-might be a lot of wrong courses. Jump-water-tunnel-water-weave-water...