Sunday, June 26, 2011


Barney seems to be getting better.  I wouldn't say he's fully recovered from whatever he had but seems to be getting there.  I know he's not fully better because he doesn't gobble all his food right away, but he is finishing everything I give him eventually.  And he acts pretty good.

My friend came through a major surgery with flying colors and was in good spirits at the hospital when I visited last night.  She's already looking forward to running agility again.

We spend yesterday out on the lake.  Some friends invited us on their boat.  Same friends that invited us kayaking.  I must say, boat with motor, much better than kayak! I look a little like a tomato today but not as bad as I thought I might.

We are spending a long weekend (all of us-Me, Jerry and all our dogs) in St. Louis for the 4th of July weekend and an agility/obedience trial and the following week are leaving for Hawaii!


Sue said...

Glad to her about Linda.

Kathy said...

Umm, sounds like a nice couple of weekends, glad to hear Barney is getting better and your friend is doing well.

tervnmal said...

That is all happy news, especially Hawaii!

Thanks for your comment on Exercise Finished about dogs with the most potential having issues - I think they want us to realize how great they are and make us work harder to earn their greatness. LOL

Nicki said...

Ha! Interesting thought tervnmal. If only we could explain to them the financial and mental anguish this game of theirs causes us!

Jan W said...

Just found your site and was struck by the handsome border collies, both of which are rescued, I think. My score is 50-50on that issue. The merle coat is dashing! and the 10yr old scarcely looks his age.
It must be quite challenging to run those 3 dogs!

Pet Portraits By Becky said...

Beautiful collies. enjoyed checking your blog out.