Monday, June 13, 2011


I think maybe I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Saturday morning was the much anticipated 5k run. It actually didn't go too bad considering the general lack of training we put in. And better yet I was inspired enough to put in a little more training effort and do another one in the fall.

Sunday we were invited to go kayaking. I was a little skeptical but Jerry thought it sounded fun so we agreed to go. It took approximately 5 hours of travel time to get there, get all the vehicles dropped off in the appropriate locations, rent the extra kayaks (since we don't have our own) and then get back to the put-in site. This seemed like a lot of effort for something I wasn't sure I would enjoy. I'm not that comfortable around water anyway and that's a really little boat to be stuck in all by yourself! So I was pretty worried when we started out, especially crossing the "rapids" but I did get more comfortable as we went along. The good and bad part of it was in most places the water was barely moving so it was a LOT of paddling! The good news it at least it felt pretty safe. However eight miles (4 hours) of paddling is a bit much. Ok. A lot much. At the end I wasn't sure I would ever be able to move my arms again.

I would say I would try kayaking again but would prefer a shorter trip or moving water. But not moving too much! I don't think I see a kayak purchase in my future. Today I'm sore, tired, and sunburnt and then got to work only to find out the schedule is blocked out until 10 because the other doctor is out in a large animal call. Sure would have liked to sleep longer had I known that.


Sue said...

I think you should be lying in the shade on a lounge chair, sipping a cool drink today. It's a shame weekends are so short.

Sara said...

Boating always sounds like a nice relaxing idea....until you discover how much WORK is involved. Yea, I'd take the lounge chair, unless someone else is paddling for me!