Sunday, June 19, 2011

Better. I guess.

The day started off so much better than yesterday.  We were in the ring early, it was still cool, and Legend came out of her crate like she wanted to run.  Good signs.  Legend and Lyric both had really nice jumpers runs and Q's.  This means that Lyric has finished her MXJ just 11 months from her first trial! 

That was the day's highlight.  Standard was a repeat of our previous issues.  Legend refused the a-frame and of course went right up it on her second attempt.  So there went our QQ.  That made for 3 runs with this weekend with only one fault-both standard runs falling victim to the a-frame ghost.  Lyric refused the table.  Again.  Back to lots of table work I guess.  For Legend I raised our a-frame (it took me this long to realize ours was not quite set to full height) and work at approaching it from different angles after jumps intead of just always doing it straight or first in a sequence.  Might help, won't hurt.

Another bright spot in the weekend-they were both 4/4 on perfect weave poles!  I know that Trip got a Q yesterday in novice standard (looked great) but have not yet heard how he did today.

And, an update on Stormy...

She can, and will, jump the fence if you leave the yard or stay in the house while she is out.  She wants to be with you.  She's pretty good in the house but is still learning how to not jump on people, keep her feet on the floor and not the countertops and how to be led by her collar without having a fit and pawing your arm off.  She also has some weird social skills with the other dogs.  She's very concerned about them getting her stuff or too much of my attention but she is not really aggressive or assertive, she just always seems worried or anxious.  She really likes squeaky toys and is relaxing enough to play with them more and is starting to learn about treats.  I'm not sure if she will have any interest in agility yet (despite her obvious athletic ability) but she will make someone a very devoted pet!

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Kathy said...

CONGRATS on the weave pole success and the great runs. It is nice that you just had some small hitches, much better then major problems ;-). It is a bummer you did not get the double Qs, but wow MJX in 11 months....that is FANTASTIC!!!

Stormy just knows it is hard to keep those paws on the ground, Cricket feels the same way too!