Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't scare me like that

This morning, Barney didn't eat well. He picked at his food, them just let his buddy Lefty eat it all and followed me back out into the yard. Great. His kidneys are probably fried after that antifreeze episode over the winter. So I packed him up and took him to work to find out.

And actually, all the bloodwork looked great! So, what's wrong with my cat? I don't really know. He had no fever and was a bit dehydrated and lethargic. Otherwise unremarkable. So I gave him some fluids and nausea meds and some antibiotics. The antibiotic might not have been warranted but I just wanted to cover all my bases while he was there. I also dewormed him-which really didn't go that well and I have a few claw wounds to show for it. We really need to stock that topical dewormer. It's all I would have if I owned my own clinic! Anyway, something worked because he seems a bit better tonight and ate a good meal this afternoon. Darn cat. Probably would have been fine by morning anyway, but that's what I thought last time too!

And for your enjoyment, my little pool princess!

I'm not sure she actually enjoyed this but she sure looked cute!


Diana said...

She does look cute. I'm glad Barney is ok.

Kathy said...

I am so glad Barney is ok now ;-). I love the pink floatie, LOL, too cute!