Saturday, June 18, 2011

The lull

We had an awesome start to the agility year. Legend was running faster and more consistently than she ever has. We were racking up points faster than I expected. Lyric was overcoming a lot of training issues and and getting faster.

Then the last few weeks happened. It's been hot, trial days have been long and warm, not much training has been getting done at home. And it shows.

We had another long trial day today. Still running jumpers at 6PM. Legend had so-so times in both her runs and refused the a-frame (then did it fine) in standard and then had a bar down in jumpers. Lyric had a bar down, a jump refusal and a refusal at the table (ugh, not the table again!) but had beautiful weave poles and a great rear cross in her bad direction. We are just waiting on her jumpers run now.

Legend still needs about 100 points to qualify for AKC nationals. And realistically there are still a lot trials to enter and she should have no trouble getting that, but a few fair to bad weekends in a row is always a blow to our confidence (not to mention the checkbook), especially when I know what she is capable of. But tomorrow is another day and we run early when it will still be cool in the building. Hopefully.

Hmmm. Does she look ready for jumpers?

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Kathy said...

Good luck we will be thinking of you and sending you Q vibes!!!