Friday, June 10, 2011

Product Review: TerraPaws pet treats

I was contacted by a new pet treat company, TerraPaws, about reviewing their new line of freeze dried treats.  Since I can always use a new kind of treat, and I'm sure many of my readers can too, I thought it seemed like a good opportunity. 

The treats currently come in two flavors-chicken/sweet potato and beef liver/sweet potato.  They are coming out with a new single ingredient line later this year.  The treats are made with all natural, USA sourced ingredients and require no refrigeration.  You can read all about the nutritional details, etc at I don't want to just repeat all their information.

Anyway, I knew it was a good sign when the samples came.  They were packed in plastic and then inside a manila envelope and both Zodiac and Icy (our cat) knew there was something good inside.  Icy actually tried to tear open the package.  So, it appears cats like them too!

The chicken and sweet potato were a tad on the crumbly side but not too bad and they were easy to break apart.  The beef liver were really crumbly so not great for training but ok for sprinkling over food if that's what you want to use them for. 

Now, none of my dogs are picky but some are more food motivated than others.  Legend is the most likely to not care much for food motivators but seemed quite happy to work for these, especially for a dry treat that does not have much odor.  She was working happily doing obedience on a hot day. 

Lyric, who is not hard to impress was overly excited about them, but that's pretty typical.  Anyway, she was no less excited than normal.  She also worked happily for them on a hot day.

Zodiac, who hasn't been worked in forever, put forth a pretty snappy obedience performance for an old man!  He was very motivated and focused.

So overall, I think they were a big hit and nice to have as a treat that the dogs love but don't get all sticky and stinky.

If you want to check them out yourself you can order them online at the TerraPaws website.  During June and July enter the promo code BL20 at checkout to save 20% on your order!


Sara said...

Thanks for the review. I almost bought terrapaws for my dogs, but wasn't sure if they would like them. Maybe I order some!

Kathy said...

Always a good sign when the animals are trying to get into the mail, we will have to keep our eye out for them.