Monday, August 8, 2011


Well,  I'm behind in blogging, and blog reading again.  Although admittedly not much to blog about this week.  It's been super hot here-like a lot of the country so not much training going on.  We've been out a few times for about 5 minutes and that was plenty for the dogs.  I did get out the Manners Minder one day and used it.  That was nice for me because all I had to do was stand and send-didn't have to run out and reload or guard the target every time!

It seems like I have a lot of stuff I want to work on with Legend-contacts, distance, obedience...
But for now I think I will focus on improving her speed and confidence on the contacts and table as that is our main hang up right now.  Once she finishes her MACH (still hard to believe we are facing that reality!) I will focus more on distance work so she can get her NATCH and also more obedience.

Lyric is working on overcoming her teeter issue and also improving her weave poles and table. 

We spent most of the weekend doing water related activity to keep cool which was enjoyable.  Jerry even tried wakeboarding yesterday.  I opted to stay in the boat or float in the water-more relaxing.

If you recall last summer we finally put in stalls for the horses.  This is great if we know the weather will be really bad and we put them in.  But this doesn't help much if there is a pop up storm and cold wind or something.  But we realized if we install one more panel in the barn we can swing out the stall door closest to the barn door to meet the new panel and create a run-in situation for them.  Now, if the weather is questionable or not bad enough to lock them in and shut the door they have the choice to go in and out.  They seem to like it as they were hanging out in it before we had finished bolting in the panel!  They are getting pretty spoiled these days. 

Eventually I will have some more pictures to post!

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Kathy said...

so cool how close you are to that MACH...and I am loving short sessions to work, seems like in the heat you get way more done then if you worked a long time in the heat ;-)