Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer stuff

I must say I've really enjoyed the last month with no agility trials. We've gotten to do a lot of "summer" stuff that we hadn't gotten to yet as well as getting lots of stuff done around the house and just plain old relaxing!

Next weekend I'm headed off for five days to visit a friend in New England. The highlight of the trip will be the Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown Band concert at Gillette Stadium-we have seats on the field and are very excited! This is the first time I'm flying by myself which is a little nerve wracking but not much.

Eva is doing well. She has even taken a few steps in her splint. I don't really want her walking on it but it does show how adaptable cats are. Her incision is healing well and she seems comfortable and happy.

Lyric is doing better on the teeter. I even took both girls to a class last week and she did that teeter just fine as well. They both ran well at class and got to use some of the distance and layering skills we have been working on.

I've been doing more running and am excited about doing more 5ks this fall and seeing how much I can get my time down.

Also we got Stormy sent off to Colorado and she's doing great in her new home!


Sue said...

I envy the trip to New England. I'm thinking seriously of moving there.

Glad to hear that the kitten is recovering well. Animals are amazing.

Kathy said...

The trip sounds great. I am so glad Eva is recovering well, she is one lucky kitty.