Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Foster updates

I had to amputate Eva's leg today.  Further x-rays showed it could not be pinned.  We tried to devise some elaborate double leg sling for her but could not get the fracture reduced and aligned.  But it's just as well because when I was doing the surgery I noticed the end of the broken bone was starting to turn black and likely would not have healed even in the best circumstances.  The other leg remains in a splint.  She can't walk in the splint and will likely spend the next 3-4 weeks lying down.  She had such a rough day I sort of wonder if I should have just put her down.  But if she heals I guess 3-4 weeks is not bad for a long, happy life.  Of course I need to find a nice family to give her that long, happy life...like maybe my mom and dad???

Speaking of long and happy lives, Stormy is off to her new home in Colorado this weekend!  Actually she will only live there for 6-12 months and then the family will return home to their very lovely house in California.  They seem super nice and very dedicated to their dogs and to giving Stormy a great life.  She will have four kids to love on her and two other rescued border collies to play with.  The mom is flying to Kansas City, renting a car and driving Stormy back to Colorado.  We are meeting her in KC Saturday morning. 

I got a recent update from Leeloo's (Ribbon) owners.  She is growing into a beautiful, happy dog.  They also had her DNA tested and it came back 50% BC and 50% Great Pyrenees.  How cool is that-we were right!

Also, I'm having trouble leaving comments on some blogs-someone posted the fix to that somewhere but I don't remember where.  Anyone know what to do?


Sara said...

The comment problem seems to be with internet explorer. It seems to be having trouble leaving comments when the comment form is embeded in the post. Pop up comments (like yours) seem to work fine. When it is embeded in the post, I can only leave comments if I use a browser other than internet explorer.

Sarah said...

That story about Eva is so sad. I hope you can find a much happier place for her.

Elizabeth said...

Eva will do fine on three paws! A few rough days for a wonderful long life is well worth it. I have a tri pawd cat named Simon and he does everything and anything a 4 pawd cat can do... Thanks for taking such great care of her..

Diana said...

I seem to be having problems too. Most of the time if I log in again and DONT click the Keep me logged in box. Then it works. But of course then you have to log in again on the next blog. Im not sure it that will help you or not.