Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seven Links

We were asked by My life with flyball dogs to do the seven links/posts game.  I did my best to try and remember all the thinks I'd written about and reviewed some of my older posts but didn't have time to look at all of them.  So here is what I came up with.

Most Beautiful: My Best Friend, a tribute to my special dog Oreo.

Most Popular: I Knew It, this was according to blogger stats but only included the last few years.  I wouldn't otherwise know how to figure it out so I guess that's good enough.  I also have no idea why this post was so popular.

Most Controversial: Trial Results and Other Things, obviously it's the "other things" part of this that is controversial, it's a rant on whether or not your agility dog should be left intact.  I have more to say on this subject of leaving dogs intact and whether or not I agree but maybe I will save that for another day.  For the most part, lets just say I don't agree.

Most Helpful: Chocolate Toxicity, I chose this based on the number of people who call the clinic to ask if the amount of chocolate their pet ate is ok or not, and also the amount of people who think their dog will die if they eat an Oreo or a chocolate chip cookie.

Surprise Success: UD or not UD, again this came from Blogger stats.  I don't know why this post was so popular but there you go, that's why it was a surprise I guess.

Didn't get the attention I felt it deserved: Lights Out, I think this post was not very popular because I wrote it early in my blogging career and didn't have many followers.  Or maybe it's just not as interesting as I thought.

Most Proud Of: This one I had a hard time with.  There are lots of posts I'm proud of, but all for different reasons.  I ended up just picking this one because it's funny, popular, and based on real life.

So anyway, hope you enjoy those.  If anyone else wants to play feel free to consider yourself tagged!


Sue said...

That's an interesting challenge. I may look back thru my posts and give it a try. I'm often surprised at which posts turn out to be most popular.

Kathy said...

Very interesting challenge and interesting to look back on those posts!

K-Koira said...

Thanks for participating in the challenge. I found a lot of your posts interesting, especially as I am relatively new following your blog. I hope it was a fun walk through the past finding these and rereading some of your old posts.