Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

I would say that Legend again made me wait until the last day of the trial to get a QQ but since I single handedly blew a QQ on Saturday I guess that's not really the case!

We had a great weekend at the Triune agility trial this weekend in Blue Springs.  The weather was warm on Saturday and then we had some rain but yesterday and today were perfect-windows open at the trial site and everything. 

Plus, the girls ran great.  They nailed weave poles every run, attacked the teeter in all their standard runs, did the table nicely and Legend did all her A-frames.  Plus they had a great attitude and good times all three days.

Lyric was a little wild first thing Saturday and did a few extra laps around the ring  but was super fast!  The Saturday jumpers course was tough and she gave it a good try but had a few bobbles.  Sunday though, she got her first QQ! Today she was a bit distracted by something to sniff  in the ring in standard but did get another Q in jumpers on another challenging course.

Saturday Legend had a beautiful run in standard.  But....I forgot to turn soon enough to the weave poles and when I did turn at the last minute I plowed in to her pretty hard.  I guess the judge felt I was aiding the dog by knocking her back onto the course and we NQ'd.  But she still made the weave pole entrance despite the horrible angle I gave her and nearly getting knocked down!  She went on to Q in the tough Jumpers course so I was super bummed about that one.  Yesterday she also Q'd in jumpers but had two off courses in standard.  Today we picked up not only a QQ #16 but a third place in standard-we don't place much in the 20 inch excellent B class!

This picture is after I ran into her-I was laughing about the collision and also happy that she still got the entrance.

These photos were scanned so they are not the greatest quality, but still cute!


Diana said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Congrats!!

Jen said...

The picture of her kissing you is just awesome! The bond you two have just comes through that photo.

Shane Kent Louis said...

it sounds great and Congratulation for both of you, and your so blessed with your mom.

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