Sunday, September 25, 2011

This week

I finally managed to work the dogs some this week. Legend's discriminations were abysmal the first day but then she seemed to remember and they were much better the next. Lyric only worked discriminations one day-she worked pretty hard on her teeter and dogwalk the other day. But she struggled a lot the day we did do discriminations. Always something to work on.

Cheri and I ran a 5k on Saturday. It went a lot better than our last race. I took almost 3 minutes off my last race time and beat my goal time. Still a far cry from what I would consider "good" but it's amazing what some training can do huh? We are running another race in 2 weeks and then I probably won't race again until spring. I don't like racing in the cold-hurts my lungs. But I do plan on continuing the training as we plan to run a 10k next year.

Other than than had a pretty relaxing weekend, even rode Squirt for a few minutes. Now just 4 days of work and off to a 3-day trial plus taking Eva to her new home!

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