Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Before she goes...

Here are some pics of Eva. They are all from my phone so not stellar but it's all I have for now.

She is really a sweetie and we will miss her. And if you feel like you missed out, don't worry, I have another cat available for adoption!

So my knees haven't really bothered me at all since I started running more seriously. Today though it just randomly started bothering me this afternoon. So I packed for the trial instead of going for a run. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be much better. And the weather should be nice this weekend but packing for "nice" aka "in-between" weather is kind of a pain-I ended up with an extra bag because I didn't know what to bring. Don't want to be unprepared.

And just randomly here is an albino fawn that was hanging out near the clinic. It appeared to have a broken leg but was getting along pretty well. The conservation department wasn't interested.


Diana said...

Kitty does look so sweet. Poor fawn. Probably won't make it being white huh. To easy to see. Maybe call the media about the fawn that will get attention and someone will volunteer to help it.

Sara said...

There is a group of people around here trying to plot of land being turned into a Lowes, because white deer live there. I've never seen one. How pretty.

Kathy said...

Yea it is so great to see Eva looking so good and so happy, hope she has a really wonderful life from here on out. She is so lucky she has had you looking out for her.

Sorry about your knees, hope a little rest does the trick --and good luck at the trial!!!

Poor little fawn being an albino fawn and having a broken leg ;-( he is so beautiful but I would think he would be more visible to predators???.