Sunday, September 11, 2011

Still Four

We spent two days at the Agility Ability trial in Lawrence this weekend.  And other than being a nice social outing, it was not a big success.  The girls did each pick up jumpers Qs on Friday but we totally struck out on Saturday.  Although admittedly I NQ'd both dogs in jumpers by being unable to remember the course correctly.  After we finished I was really glad I was going home because the last thing I wanted to do was run another day after all that.  So we still need 4 QQ's.  And   I was hoping to at least finish up the last few points we needed to qualify for AKC nationals but at least I knocked it into the single digits.  We'll get there.

And although I'd be by happy to finish our MACH anytime, anywhere I kind of wanted to do it at Columbia because they give out black and gold, Mizzou themed bars-how cool would that be for an alumni? So I had it worked out that we needed one double every trial between now and then to have 19 going into that weekend.  Now I'm one behind so we need two doubles at one of the next 3 trials including Columbia.  So, we shall see...

We have a few weeks to train before our next trial and I'm glad for the little mini break and after two trials so close together-we only had 3 days off between the last two since I did Monday and then started again on Friday.

And I have not updated on Eva in awhile.  She's doing great on her three legs.  She's out of her splint now (by her own doing) and getting around better all the time.  We still keep her pretty confined as the fracture is stable but not fully healed.  Soon she will get spayed and sent off to what sounds like a great new home.  They are reportedly very excited about her and I'm sure she will be very happy and spoiled. 


Kathy said...

Ya know, the type of ribbons and color of the bars is IMPORTANT, LOL, I am glad someone else feels that way too. Congrats on your Qs you did get this weekend, and so glad to hear Eva sounds like she is doing great!

tervnmal said...

It would be very cool to finish at a club with your color scheme but don't put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy the last few miles of the journey! Can't wait to hear about those next 4 QQs.