Thursday, August 25, 2011

The final nail

I'm from the midwest.  I don't worry about hurricanes.  I don't track or follow them or worry about categories.  And I certainly don't think about them on perfectly sunny Missouri afternoons.  Until now.  Hurricane Irene is headed right for New England.  Right when I'm supposed to be there.  Yesterday they announced our concert would be moved to Friday night due to hurricane warnings in Boston on Sunday.  By the time plane landed and we get to the stadium we would miss a good deal of the concert.  Strike one.

Watching the news and the path of the storm did not bode well either.  This is supposed to be the worst storn in New England in 100 years.  Best case scenario, we spend 3 days sitting in the apartment, with or without power, talking about our half-concert experience.  And no telling what it would be like trying to get back home with all the flights that are inevitably going to be cancelled.  Strike two.

Then, Legend had a seizure.  She's never had one before, that we know of.  I fed them dinner and went to feet the cat when I heard the thud.  When I turned around I first thought she must be choking but when I got there she was seizing.  It was short, thankfully.  Afterwards she looked at me like she didn't know me and ran off.  When I went to her she growled like might bite me.  I shut her in the bedroom alone, sat on the floor and had a meltdown.  Strike three.

So I called my friend, we discussed and decided to cancel the trip.  I took airline credit for my plane ticket.  Our concert tickets will be refunded if I postmark them tomorrow.  I'm beyond disappointed about this.  We have literally had these tickets (so close to the stage!) for 10 months.  Why did there have to be a hurricane this weekend?  In New England??

Legend is fine now.  You would never know anything happened.  But it did.  Now we have to wait and watch, and wonder.  Will she have more?  Is she epileptic?  Is it something else?  Hopefully it's nothing, just a freak event but only time will tell. 

So, I didn't really have a good day. But there is always tomorrow. 


manymuddypaws said...

wow, that is super crappy! :(

so sorry about legend, how scary! hope that it is a one time deal.

Blue said...

New England does not know how to handle a major hurricane. I think it's been 20 years since the last significant hurricane here. (I live in MA). That stinks that you had to cancel your trip because of it.

I'm so sorry to hear that Legend had a seizure! That is so scary. I really hope it was a weird one time thing and she never has another one. Iris acts like she doesn't recognize me right away after a seizure. It's really scary. Hopefully Legend continues to be just fine. You deserve a more relaxing weekend!

Sue said...

Seizures are awful and afterwards they're so confused.I've only had to deal with one. Bentley had one and never had another.

Seems like every time I've gotten special concert tickets way in advance something miserable has happened and I've wound up missing the concert.

Glad you'll be safe and dry though.

Sara said...


I'm hoping this is all hype.Really don't want to deal with a hurricane.

Glad to hear that Legend is ok.

Kathy said...

OMG, I am so sorry that just really sounds like a bad day, and I am so sorry about your trip, that is really a bummer. ;-(

I hope that was some weird isolated incident with Legend...

Diana said...

I'm so sorry. I know you said its sunny, but sounds like its raining.

Nicki said...

Thanks everyone. Legend continues to be fine and I'm slowly starting to not feel sorry for myself. Lots of people have it worse than me!