Friday, November 25, 2011

Nineteen down

One to go.  Pretty unreal looking back at where we were 8 days ago-a third seizure, new meds, not even knowing if she would compete this weekend.  But you would have never known that today!  Started out with a great standard run and then a nice jumpers run.  I felt like I ran the jumpers course very cautiously and somewhat in a state of panic!  Seriously though, whatever happens it will be an exciting rest of the weekend.  Oh and today is Legend's "birthday" but we haven't really celebrated yet, actually it was more like she gave me a present.

Lyric ran great in standard (even did the teeter) until the weave poles and then apparently all her concentration was blown.  We used all three of our attempts and never made it through.  She did  Q in jumpers but was not very fast-guess she used up all her energy running around the weave poles in standard. 

Meanwhile, Zodiac has been sick.  He vomited a few times last night and then early this morning was acting nauseous.  I have him some cerenia but a few hours later he vomited again and wouldn't eat anything.  He was a little lethargic but otherwise not too sick.  But I decided to be on the safe side.  I have a friend from school who owns a clinic a few miles from the trial site so I left him there for the day to have some tests run. Bloodwork was all normal and x-rays only showed a mildly distended intestine.  We did barium to be on the safe side and although it was slow to pass through one part of the small intestine it did pass.  So we presume he just have some gastroenteritis (upset tummy) and started him on metronidazole and more cerenia.  He has not vomited but it still lethargic and not eating.  Although he did show interest in licking the dessert plates after dinner.  Hopefully by morning he will be a lot better-I mean we might have a lot to celebrate tomorrow and we want everyone to enjoy it!


Diana said...

I hope Zodiac feels better soon.Congrats on your double Q. Sounds like a nice weekend.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry Zodiac is not feeling well - hope he gets over it quickly. Congratulations on #19!