Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why buy new?

MOKAN Border Collie Rescue is pleased to offer these quality "pre-owned" dogs for adoption! 

I picked up both of these dogs today from local shelters.  Holli is an approximately 8 month old female.  She is very sweet and seems playful although she isn't sure what toys are just yet.  She was a stray and we don't know much about her but she loves people and seems to like other dogs.  She is a little girl-only 25 lbs.  She will by my new foster dog so you will be learning more about he soon I'm sure.  She is staying with a friend for the weekend while we are out of town.  Her pictures don't do her justice, they were taken right after a much needed bath.  She reminds me of Josie-a puppy we fostered a few years back.

This amazingly handsome boy is Utah.  I'm not a huge fans of tri-colors but I really like this one!  He's so pretty and photogenic-I'm a sucker for prick ears!  And he's full of energy and playful.  He loves to RUN and loves toys.  If the way he ate his dinner is any indication he will also be very food motivated.  Utah was a stray picked up when he was about 4 months old and adopted out by the shelter.  The new owners left him in the backyard 24/7 and returned him when he was digging under the fence.  He's been going crazy living at the shelter ever since.  He's now about 10 months old and 34 lbs and also a very sweet boy.  He is going to a new foster home this weekend (actually Trip's mom offered to foster him-won't those two boys have fun together!).


Sue said...

They're both nice looking dogs, but Utah is really striking. He looks so alert in those shots. Hope they find great homes soon.

manymuddypaws said...

I totally agree. There are so many awesome dogs out there looking for homes. I wish more people would take a chance on rescue dogs!

Kathy said...

Awwwwwww....thank heavens for kind people that all work together to give these preowned dogs a soft place to land. And just from the little you said about their stories those type of dogs that young, you know their situation has nothing to do with them, and bet someone is going to be getting a fantastic Christmas present hope they are in a really excellent homes by the holidays or soon after ;-)

Jen said...

I completely covet both of those dogs!!!