Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Distance work

You're probably thinking this is an agility post.  Well, it's not.  The dogs are not the only ones doing distance work these days.  I mentioned in my 2011 summary post I'd be running a half-marathon in 2012.  See, my friend is having, shall we say, a significant birthday this year.  She wanted to do something special, so rather than just run another 5K, or even a 10K she decided on a half-marathon.  In May. The trade-off is that she has relatives near Santa Barbara that will let us use their beach house.  So we get to run our half-marathon through scenic wine country and then spend two days basking in the California sunshine.  Fair enough right?

Anyway to prepare I have been running 4-5 days a week and making my long run a little longer every week.  I have been pleasantly surprised that adding another 1/2 mile each week has not been overwhelmingly difficult.  I definitely feel tired towards the end with my legs alternately feeling like lead or just numb but it's not until I actually stop running that all the exhaustion really sets in.  Then I feel a little bit like I want to die.  But I'm up to 8 miles and still doing ok.  That's the furthest I've ever run, even further than I ever ran in high school cross country training.

Also I tend to crave extremely unhealthy foods after my long runs.  Ben and Jerry's ice cream, McDonald's fries, you name it-and if I've run more than 5 miles that day....I WANT IT!  Which seems somewhat counterproductive.  So I'm having a salad for lunch tomorrow.  That works right?  Anyway, wish me luck.


Diana said...

Thats awesome!! Good luck!

Karissa said...

I'm not entirely sure that two days of California sun would be enough motivation for me -- I think I'd need at least seven to get me off my butt. ;o) It sounds like glorious fun, though!

I've always had the same problem with regard to exercise & cravings. Fat lot of good it does to go for a run and then come home and eat half a container of cookie dough. lol When I was in "training" for Champs, I figured even if there wasn't weight loss involved, at least I was building my endurance. ha!

shanendoah@life by pets said...

Best of luck on your run. And make sure that place in Santa Barbara has a hot tub, or at least a good sized soaking tub!