Monday, January 2, 2012

Long weekend

Through as assortment of scheduling decisions I had a 5 day weekend.  Nice, but doesn't pay well.  But it gave us plenty of time for relaxing, training, housework, playing with dogs, training and shopping. 

We got in a couple of training sessions this weekend.  The first day went pretty good.  I was pleased with how they both did.  Yesterday, Lyric had a terrible time with discriminations.  She just locked onto one thing and that was it.  Wouldn't listen at all.  But she is doing better with "go" which is sending to an obstacle ahead of us and allowing my to fade out the manners minder (or really just move it so it's not a target).  I also introduced "back" (turn away from me) and she started working on that.  We are also proofing her teeter and that seems to be going well, of course it is our teeter. 

Legend worked well both days.  She is making progress with "go" and "back" and we are starting to use them in various ways and in sequences.  She doesn't always get it right but you can definitely see her thinking and trying to figure out what to do.  It's fun to watch them learn.  

We are going to have a pretty limited trialing schedule this year-during the first 6 months for sure anyway, due to other commitments, taking a break until march and spending two weeks/three weekends on our trip to nationals.  So hopefully all this training pays off and the trials we do go to are good ones!

Holli is doing great.  She's a bit stubborn and independent but sweet and pretty well behaved.  And doing tons better on house-breaking.  She loves playing with the other dogs, especially Legend.

 But sometimes Zodiac gets in on the action too.  I love this first one-so vicious!

But he gets worn our before Legend and Holli do!
Lyric is posing with the new Christmas quilt my mom made
 Icy says "Meowy Christmoose"
 Jelly, hanging out with the brownie mix
And a few videos of Holli-she's a funny girl.  Of course all the best stuff happens before I can get the camera rolling. 


Kathy said...

Great pictures, Holli sounds like a cool dog I like ones with their own minds, LOL. I am glad you had a nice break, I know that is hard on the pocket book, but heck sounds like you put the time to good use! It sounds like there are going to be some fun things going on for you guys this year....I hope maybe we get to meet you at nationals, I am not going to be running but hope to go and watch!!!

Nicki said...

Kathy we would love to meet you at Nationals!