Friday, December 30, 2011


Foster puppy Ribbon (now Leeloo) was adopted.
We were supposed to have a blizzard  We didn't really, just regular Missouri snow and we attended a CE conference at a lake resort.  Which is not that much fun in January.  And was only marginally educational.

Zodiac turned 10!

Legend began her quest to qualify for AKC nationals (I won't count the less than 10 points she got in December).

Icy got sick and cost us a small fortune at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital but fully recovered and has probably forgotten all about it.  My credit card took a little longer to forget.

Kennedy turned two

Legend finished her Open Chances title

Foster puppy Po (now Clancy) got adopted
Legend earned her 10th QQ
We changed species for a bit and fostered kittens

Legend finished her Open Weavers title
Lyric finished her Novice Tunnelers and Open Regular titles

Previous foster puppy Trip debuts in agility
A horrible tornado hit nearby Joplin
Lyric finished her AX and her Novice Weavers titles

We took an ill fated agility trip to Tulsa
I ran my first 5K in years with limited training
Lyric finished her MXJ after only 11 months of trialing

Jerry and I celebrated 10 years of marriage by going back to Hawaii
It had been two years since we lost Oreo
Legend earned her 15th QQ
Lyric earned her Open Jumpers and Elite Regular titles

Foster dog Stormy got adopted

We changed it up again and fostered Eva (for the second time)
I ran the 5K portion of a triathlon relay (again without enough training)
I decided to seriously take up running again
A hurricane hit the east coast, Legend had a seizure and I cancelled my long awaited trip to New England

Eva got adopted
Lyric picked up QQ #1
I ran 5K #3 of the year and actually earned a sort of respectable time

Lyric turned 5

Legend went to NADAC championships-a first national competition for both of us

Barney got a urethral obstruction and used up another life
Legend had a second seizure
I ran 5K #4 after taking a few weeks off with a bad knee but still did ok
Legend qualified for AKC nationals

Legend had a 3rd seizure and was officially diagnosed with epilepsy and started medication
Days later she earned QQ #19 and got the chance to run for MACh but will hold at 19 until at least March
Zodiac was sick for a couple weeks but happily recovered without incident
Legend turned 6

Holli came to be fostered

I ran 5K #5

Legend earned her Outstanding Elite Jumpers title
Lyric earned her Novice Touch and Go title
Holli is still here
I ran 7 miles for the first time since high school

It has been an eventful year but 2012 is shaping up to be equally as exciting-hopefully only in good ways!  So far we are planning Legend getting her MACh (barring any unexpected tragedy) a trip to AKC nationals, running a half-marathon, a cruise to Alaska and who knows what else!


Diana said...

Sound like a great year(mostly) and another one on the way!

Melinda Wichmann said...

Isn't it fun to look back and realize how freakin' much happened in the last 12 months?

2012 sounds great for you and your fur kids!