Monday, December 19, 2011

Trial Report

As you can see we had a pretty good weekend at the Christmas NADAC trial.  Friday and Saturday I worked on Legend's A-frame issue.  All of the runs with contacts (except chances) I used as a training run.  I took her out to the middle of the ring, did one obstacle to the a-frame and then one obstacle on our way out of the ring.  She definitely thought this was strange but it was a pretty successful venture.  I did let her run jumpers, weavers, and chances though.  We got a  Q in jumpers for her O-EJC (like an MXJ for our AKC friends). She had a little bobble in weavers which put us over time.  And although we didn't Q in chances it was pretty close!  I feel like our training is paying off we just need more proofing and adding more complexity and distance.

Sunday I let her run everything like normal.  She got another jumpers Q and tunneler Q.  Her first regular course she took an off course at the discrimination.  Her second run though was awesome.  Huge test right off the bat-the A-frame was the second obstacle and she did it!  That's the first time in months she has taken the a-frame first attempt when it has been that early in the course.  Then she went on to get her fastest regular time ever, 10 seconds under 20 inch proficient course time.  And first place!  I was so happy with her.  Her tunnelers and jumpers Q's were a little faster than normal too.  Chances was a bit of a let down though.  I felt it was very doable and she really didn't even try, plus she took two attempts at the a-frame which was again the second obstacle.

So, lessons learned....she is still getting faster!  And she showed more excitement and drive in chances Saturday than I usually see in the ring.  So maybe she really likes the distance game and if I back off a little she will relax and maybe do the contacts more reliably.  My being right there doesn't seem to help, she's going to do it or she isn't so maybe the key is to hang back and not worry.  Her excitement over working the distance reminded me of when we went back and reworked weave poles.  She loved weave poles and started wanting to do them in the ring and was much faster at them too.

Lyric started off awesome.  She Q'd in all of her first four runs picking up her novice touch and go title and two open weavers legs.  I think she even made elite time in her touch and go runs. She had two great jumpers runs but was just over time on Saturday.  Sunday she picked up her first elite weavers Q with a few seconds to spare.  And she has a great tunnelers run with an off course but I think if she was clean she would have made elite time.  She put forth a good effort in chances on Saturday but kind of pooped out on me sunday.  I let Cheri try to run her in one of her regular runs but she turned out to be a true mama's girl and only did a few obstacles before leaving to find me.  We didn't get any regular Q's this weekend-having a little trouble with discriminations despite having been working on that.  But I'm proud of her for doing 12 runs this weekend and getting such good speed out of her!

Holli is glad to have Legend back to play with, she was getting pretty bored!

Here a few videos.  I don't have a good one of Lyric, she got most of her Q's before we got the camera out and the video of her jumpers Q isn't very good.

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Karissa said...

Those are the same courses that we had at our last trial. :o)

Way to go on having a great weekend! Those title ribbons are gorgeous!