Friday, December 2, 2011

Well that figures

So we were watching "How the states got their shapes" on TV the other day and this particular episode was discussing how climate and natural disasters move population centers.  At the end of the program they promised to announce the "safest" state.  Apparently some magazine crunched then numbers based on climate and fewest natural disasters and figured this out.  I have always wondered this myself, and thought great, maybe if we ever decide to move we can go wherever that is (assuming it's not too cold).  Anyway, the answer is..............get this.............


Figures.  As much as I love Hawaii, we will probably not be moving there.  Probably.  


Anonymous said...

I have done my own research on the topic and I think all things considered, Missouri is the safest place.


Anonymous said... the blog!! How is Zodiac feeling today?

Thank you SO much for helping us at the Shelter's Spay/Neuter Clinic. We hope you want to stay for a very long time!

Mo Warford

Nicki said...

Mo-you're welcome, glad I can help! Also glad you liked the blog, be sure to viit often!