Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend over already?

We had a good and productive weekend.  We have the vast majority of the Christmas shopping done.  And per our usual tradition we were able to purchase a tree on clearance.  It's a nice tree for those who are sceptical of this  method.  It is however, still waiting to be decorated as we did not get to that yet.  As is the rest of house, minus the one new reindeer decoration I put out.

Today the girls actually got in an agility workout.  They haven't been worked in 2 weeks.  I intended to take a week off after the last trial but with the weather and feeling like I had a cold coming on it stretched into two weeks.  Lyric was having a bit of trouble with discriminations but Legend looked great for the most part. Which is good because we have a NADAC trial next weekend.  Last trial until March!  I think that's the longest break we have had in quite some time.  She's running so well it will be hard to give up some of our runs as training runs, especially since she only had one a-frame "incident" in the last two trials.  But I think the long term investment might be worth it.  After all I just put my AKC nationals entries in the mail yesterday!

Holli is doing well.  After a string of house-training accidents she is now doing much better.  I think we are working on 5 days accident free now.  At first she started out doing so well that I was just trusting her to go out  with the other dogs and take care of business.  But then I think she started doing more playing than pottying and the accidents started.  So now she is getting more frequent supervised trips outside.  She is doing much better.  She pretty much hates her crate though.  She's good overnight or if I come home from work and take a nap or work quietly in another room.  But if she knows she's missing out on something it leads to incessant whining and fussing.  And for the most part she's good in the house, doesn't get into much or chew stuff up but since she's not totally house broken we can't let her out unless some attention can be devoted to watching her.  I'm sure her confinement after her spay will be super fun.   To make things more complicated she frequently wanders the house sniffing the floor but this is not necessarily a sign of needing to pee, just something she does.  On a side note, why do dogs seem to catch on to pooping outside faster than peeing?  Rarely do I have trouble getting new fosters to poop outside, even the smallest of puppies.

Holli does have a Kleenex fetish.  She can't resist them and will pull them out of the trash, out of the box, or anywhere else she can reach them.  Where does a stray dog learn about Kleenex?

Oh, and I have now worked two days at the shelter.  It went really well and I enjoyed it.  I did 13 surgeries on Friday, most of them spays.  I was starting to get tired at the end but not too bad.  One time at work I did 16 surgeries in a morning but about half of them were cat neuters so that doesn't really count.  I hesitated to apply for the job at the local spay/neuter clinic when it opened because I wasn't sure I would like just doing surgery all day every day.  Now, I think I could have managed but it's nice to have some variety in my work still.  Although there is something to be said for showing up at 9, working 3-4 hours, never talking to a client, not doing any paperwork and then leaving!

I finally got in a run today.  I felt guilty not running all week but I was too tired and thought it might make my wannabe cold worse so I ended up taking most of the week off.  Now pretty much everyone in the house feels like this.

Except Holli-she's still playing.  Ahhh, puppies.


Kathy said...

LOL, puppies! Sounds like Holli is doing well, and glad working at the shelter went so well.

Sue said...

Tissues, toilet paper or paper towels, mine still love them.

Brianne said...

Violet has a Kleenex fetish, too. She will actually pull them out of my pockets (had a cold - which meant a pocket full of Kleenexes in case of emergency work-sneezing!) with the same focus that most dogs would root for a high value treat. Perhaps I should try that as a training reward. Ha.

Karissa said...

Wow, 13 surgeries! Thanks for all you do to help rescues!