Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snuggle Patterns

Legend has never been a snuggly dog.  She figured if you had time to pet her, you had time to play with her.  She also doesn't like to be brushed, bathed, groomed, or really handled much.  In the past, she would sometimes sleep on the foot of the bed in the corner.  But if you touched her too much or bothered her she would grumble and fling herself to the floor in disgust.

Some of that has not changed.  But some has.  Over the last year she has become a bit more loveable.  She doesn't mind to sit in my lap at trials for long periods of time.  And she virtually always sleeps with me now.  And not just in the corner.  She squeezes herself right up next to me, as close as she can get without actually sleeping on me.  And she is not about to move over!  I don't know what brought about the change but I think I like my new snuggly girl!

Speaking of Legend, she has not had a seizure since starting on medication (granted its only been 6 weeks) and her bloodwork and phenobarbtital levels were all normal when I checked them.  And, we got our confirmation for AKC nationals last week-see you in Reno!

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