Thursday, December 8, 2011


I was unaware that it was supposed to snow overnight on Monday.  But that's ok because there was really not that much.  Should be no trouble at all.  Which was good, because I had a full day planned.  First, I was supposed to take Holli to be spayed before work.  I know it seems like I should just be doing that myself but for convenience and consistency we try to keep all the records for the local foster dogs at one place.  When I was working full time at All Creatures I did do all the work.  But when I quit we started using the clinic our other volunteer works at and have just kept up with that since I'm kind of all over.

Anyway.  Jerry left before me and said to take the main road out since people were getting stuck on the hill on the back way.  So I did that and everything was fine for a few miles but then there were people getting stuck on those hills.  I sat and watched and waited and decided this was going to take too long, there were traffic jams everywhere.  So I turned around, took Holli back home and headed to work.  I went the back way-couldn't be any worse and I have four wheel drive.

Well I got stuck twice with four wheel drive.  Once going up a hill and once around a corner.  Seriously how are people in regular cars making it?  I'm totally disillusioned with four wheel drive right now.  Anyway I was at the top of a hill watching a line of cars wait their turn slipping and sliding trying to get up the next hill.  I contemplated my options.  I could turn around and hope I made it back home.  I could wait my turn and give the next hill a try.  I could park where I was (happened to be next to a nice flat field where my truck would be safe from other sliding vehicles) and walk to work.  I chose option 3. Seemed the safest at the time and it wasn't that much farther and since the day already sucked I could at least get paid.

After work I was supposed to go to the shelter where Holli came from and evaluate a litter of puppies.  Then Zodiac was supposed to go to pet therapy tonight.  I canceled both of those.  Even if the roads were better I was pretty much done with this mess.  I worked my half day and my boss took me back to my car and I drove home uneventfully.  Fortunately we should have another volunteer to look at the puppies later this week when they can actually be released from the shelter.  And Holli can be spayed another day.

Stupid snow.  What a mess.

PS-I would have posted this on Tuesday but I had pre-written Tuesday's post over the weekend thinking I would be busy all day Tuesday.  Figures.  Again, Hawaii looks really good today!

Also I found that downloading the free Google Chrome web browser fixed all my problems leaving comments on certain blogs.  I think google just wants to control the world.


Sue said...

We were lucky enough to be at home all day and avoided the hill . We did stand in the kitchen, coffee in hand, watching other cars slipping and sliding up the hill.

tervnmal said...

Laughing, sorry! You can keep the snow and slick roads. My club's (ICDOC) 3-day agility trial is this weekend in Cedar Rapids and for the last 5 years, we've had snow, freezing rain, ice storms and last year, a blizzard, on our weekend. This year looks CLEAR. It can storm somewhere else for once!

Good luck catching up with stuff once the roads clear.

K-Koira said...

I've heard downloading Chrome fixes the commenting issues, and I agree. Google wants to control the world. And is succeeding.

Kathy said...

I will have to try using the google chrome. That snow sounds INTENSE, sorry but glad we are not dealing with that it does sound like a realy PAIN!

Elizabeth said...

In snow 4 wheel drive is no better than a car unless you have snow tires. Most people don't seem to know that little tid bit.. hehe Living in Nova Scotia snow tires are a must.