Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Running buddy

I decided to take Legend with us on our run yesterday.  Don't worry-I didn't plan, nor expect her to run the whole nine miles with us!  But I did want to see 1) if she would like it and 2) how she would behave.  Oreo used to love running with me, Zodiac not so much.

Well I'm pleased to report that not only did she seem to enjoy it but she was very well behaved!  Typically when I try to walk or hike with her on leash she is straining at the end of the lead, running all over trying to look at stuff and sniff and play.  But the pace seemed to suit her and she trotted along on a nice loose lead the whole time.  I put her pack in the car after 3 miles.  She was starting to lag a bit and I didn't want to  overdo it.  Although she was totally rejuvenated by the time we finished so I probably should have got her out for the last few miles!

Anyway I do see more running in her future as the weather warms up and we get more outdoor runs in.  It's probably good for her to build up some additional endurance anyway.

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Kathy said...

What great is cool she did so well!