Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy dogs

We had a ton of fun at the NADAC trial this weekend.  Fortunately the roads cleared in time for us to head out Friday afternoon as planned.

First up-Legend.  I gotta say, my girl had a great weekend.  She seemed to happy and non-stressed all weekend long.  No A-frame refusals at all and there were a few courses that started hoop, hoop, a-frame even!  She ended up going 4/7 with two regular and one chances Q.  Yep, that's right, knocked out another chances leg finally.  Actually she would have had a second chances and a third regular had she not missed the down a-frame contact.  Seems now we are having issue with the other side of the a-frame!  But I'd rather have that issue so I was bummed but not terribly.  And both of her regular Qs were greater than 5 yards per second which is quite good for her.

Here is her chances Q.  She actually turns towards me after the hoop and I had to stop, redirect and and send her back out while avoiding the off courses.  Which, in a way, is actually more awesome than running it "clean."  Just not as pretty.
And here is one of her regular Qs.
Finally, this is her Chances NQ-but it's so pretty!
Lyric did not fare quite as well. She ended up 2/7 getting a couple of jumpers legs.  The good news about Lyric is that she was very fired up all weekend long and was flying around the courses.  The bad news is that she only weaved about 50% of the time.  In fact, in one run after four failed attempts I just carried her off the course with no cookies.  She was not impressed with this!  She also needs to work on her discriminations some, but this I knew.  She was pretty naughty though.  During one run she actually checked in with me on the approach to the discrimination, then took the tunnel anyway.  So bratty.  But cute.

And maybe best of all we did not get stranded in Oklahoma!  When we got up sunday morning we were surprised to see 5-8 inches of snow forecasted at home.  But this was way off as by the time we got to MO the roads were clear and there was actually only a dusting of snow at the house.  Good job weatherman?

In other news, Quinn's new family is on their way to come get him as I write this.  I'll miss that big guy but I don't think his spot will be vacant long.  Stay tuned.


Diana said...

Wow, Legend looks awesome!!

Karissa said...

Woo hoo! Legend was running great! Congrats on the Chances Q!