Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Everybody, meet our new foster dog, Finn!  I told you it wouldn't be long.  And no, I'm not being cute, he really did come with that name.

Finn comes to us under special circumstances.  Finn is already a MOKAN alumni.  His original owner gave him up when he was about a year old because he did not show interest in working livestock.  He was then adopted by a great owner who took excellent care of him for more than 8 years.  They even added a second MOKAN dog to their family.

But then his owner became terminally ill.  When she entered the hospital for what is expected to be the last time the dogs were placed in boarding where they have spend the last 4 weeks while arrangements for their care was made.  The other dog was easily placed since she is younger, lower energy and a trained therapy dog.  But nobody wanted sweet, playful, well-mannered, but almost 10 year old Finn.

Finn seems like a great dog so far.  Good with other dogs and cats, rides well in the car and used to being in a home.  We will know more about Finn soon but we do know that he does not look or act his age and needs someone to over look his "senior" status and give him a loving home.


Karissa said...

Thank you for sharing Finn's story! He is terribly handsome and does not look even half his age. I hope he finds his forever home soon!

I feel so badly for his owner. :o(

Anonymous said...

He's lovely!