Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Luck of the Irish

That may have been a better title if we had had a better Q rate this weekend, but it still seemed appropriate given the St. Patrick's day theme of the trial.  Anyway, despite some of our less than stellar performances this weekend we did have some monumental successes.

First of all Lyric rocked in the fun run.  Did discriminations and weave poles like a pro.  Apparently, she is NOT a pro however, since she failed to perform these things correctly in the ring most of the weekend.  Back to the drawing board.  However, she did manage to pick up a jumpers and a regular so not a total loss.  I only entered her in things she needs for champs (minus chances since that's not happening this year) so that Q rate is not a dismal as it looks.  On the monumental side of things we did purchase some organic treats from a vendor and they did not give her diarrhea!  As an added bonus they were so delicious I ate some too-think Teddy Grahams (shaped like bears and everything).  Side note, we did some training this week with duck and potato food and she did well on that too-no butt baths all week!

Legend fared slightly better.  I also only had her entered in things needed for champs plus one round of touch and go just to see if she could finish her open title.  And yes, this was one of her weekend monumental successes.  We are finally in elite touch and go.  Only took five plus years to of trialing to acquire the 6 Qs necessary for this.  Sadly though, she struggled with some of the discriminations this weekend which is not usually like her-she's not 100% on them but she usually doesn't miss multiple per weekend.  She did manage to pick up one regular Q, and, get ready for this... the course started hoop, a-frame and she did it!  No refusal!  This was her other monumental feat of the weekend.  In fact she only had one a-frame refusal all weekend-on a course that started hoop, a-frame.  I'm not sure what changed between saturday and sunday but we'll take it.  She also picked up a tunnelers Q.  Chances was a bust.  Lots of hoops and no jumps either day.  But sunday was better, she only missed the discrimination.  I set up some harder distance stuff in the yard this week but work and weather have only allowed a little practice so far and we hopefully (pending weather conditions) leave for another trial friday.  Not sure if one day of training really helps but surely the the following trial we will be ready.


Karissa said...

Nice job! Congrats on your big personal wins of the weekend, those are great!!

On a completely unrelated note, does Sharon EVER retire courses? I've ran that set at least twice, personally, and not any time recently.

Nicki said...

I have no clue. And I'm not good at remembering courses so I'm never sure which ones I've already run!