Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We were not really looking for another rabbit.  We were also not opposed to another rabbit.  The thing was, I didn't want rabbits with a significant age difference, I didn't want to litter train right now, and I didn't want to deal with a prolonged, months-long bonding period.  I also didn't want to actively seek out a rabbit.  All this criteria make the odds of a second rabbit at this point in time slim.

But then two separate people contacted me (one via Facebook, the other text) about a local rabbit needing a new home.  He was also around Summer's age, neutered, and litter trained.  I figured it might be a sign and agreed to try him out with the stipulation that if they don't bond in a few weeks-he would need alternative accommodations.

Also, he is a mini-lop, which most people find adorable, but is not really my style.  But this was more for the bunnies than for me.  And, really, he is cute.

The first night went well.  We put them in the kitchen-neutral territory, slick floor, and there were no incidents.  They actually seemed moderately interested in each other in a positive way.

The next day there were skirmishes, but no blood so we let them carry on and they spent most of their "date" sitting about 3 feet from each other looking irritated.

Unfortunately for rabbits, even unfamiliar or hostile rabbits tend to seek comfort in each other during stressful events.  Thus, the process of bonding two rabbits often involves scary or stressful situations like car rides or slick surfaces.  After yesterday's squabbles I decided to up the fear factor for them to get a positive experience.  Car rides fall into the category of too much trouble for me so I opted for super slick bathtub.  It worked-they huddled together most of the time. After a break back to their separate cages they are in bathroom on the tile floor sitting a few feet away from each other but looking a little less irritated than yesterday.

Oh, and he came with the name Archibald, which we hate.  New name will be coming pending the success of this relationship.

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I hope it works out