Monday, October 6, 2014

Running Report

My mileage and intensity have really fallen off the last few months due to weather, work and other factors.  So things are going all right but I think the 5 and 10K times I'm hoping for may have to happen next year, if they are going to happy...not getting any younger I guess!

In August I ran a pretty decent time at the Hot N Hilly race, and won my age group.  Saturday was super cold here in the morning (44 degrees).  I am not a fan of cold weather running, and I overslept.  So I was still running from the car to the starting line as the race began.  One of my friends was kindly waiting at the start with my number so I could still run legally.  Fortunately it was chip timed so I got an accurate time and place, but not one I was happy with-the whole scenario was less than ideal though!  But afterwards we all went out for celebratory birthday lunch (Linda and I share a birthday, which was yesterday).

Yesterday, Cheri, Grace, and I had a lovely morning trail run to get ready for the Dogwood Canyon 15K in 2 weeks.  I had hoped to do better this year than last year, but i don't think that will be the case.  Hopefully we will at least have fun and good weather.

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