Monday, October 20, 2014

Get wet. Get dirty. Run Dogwood.

This was the t-shirt theme for this year's Dogwood Canyon Trail Run and we did all three! 

It was a beautiful fall morning in the woods, a bit on the chilly side to start but overall pretty lucky weather wise. The water crossings this year were deeper and wider thanks to recent rain which was very...refreshing?

This year the 15k or 9.3 mile course ended up 9.8 miles long, I guess that was to make up for last year only being 8.5 miles long. Apparently it's very difficult to get a trail run to come out to the advertised distance. None of the ones I've been to yet have been close!

But, despite not having run longer than 7 miles since June I was able to maintain a pace close to what I did last year, even over this years longer distance so I was pretty happy with that. And other than one bloody toe and lots of sore muscles we all survived!