Friday, February 20, 2015

House pets

Wednesday was not just a snow day, but the weather was bitter cold.  So, no playing outside.  Instead I played around with some pics I had taken around the house this week.

Lyric seemed much happier having her picture taken inside.

 This is my current favorite effect in Photoshop.  It's called cutout.  And I added in the background for extra color and cuteness.

Zodiac does lots of resting these days.  But to his credit he had done a lot of running in the snow earlier in the day.

And here are the kitties, when they are not being naughty.

OK, a little big naughty
And if all goes as planned, the next pictures you see from me will be of sunny French Polynesia!  Bye-bye winter...

1 comment:

Lauren Miller said...

They are all so cute! I love the cutout pictures! Also, our kitties are naughty, too... sigh.. LOL!