Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Paradise part two

The next leg of our journey is on quiet Hauhine. This is a totally different experience than on Tahiti. There is really nothing touristy on Huahine. It's very rural and very quiet. But very tropical and beautiful. 

Our "resort" here is the Lapita village which is many bungalows set in gardens and around a lake. It's very peaceful and beautiful, especially if you love flowers and plants. 

There is also a restaurant which served pretty much the best food on this island so far. There is also a beach with some nice views and swimming. 

You can walk the beach into town which is tiny but has a supermarket if you need supplies and a few places to eat. The first night we met a couple from Switzerland and ate dinner with them at one of the restuarants which was really fun. 

Yesterday we relaxed at the beach and then did a horseback ride along the beach and through the lake. 

There is no public transportation on Huahine so if you want to see the rest of the island you must book a tour or rent a car. Renting a car is nice because you can make it a customized tour and is less expensive than booking a tour, BUT all the cars are manual transmission. I've never driven one and Jerry has not driven one in quite some time. But, he managed, and it was only scary a few times. We saw many beautiful views-the ocean/lagoon colors here are indescribable. We did some snorkeling, visited a pearl farm, and enjoyed the quiet beaches. Many better pictures to come when we get home!

Tomorrow afternoon we head to Bora Bora for the last leg of our journey. 


Blueberry's human said...

Stunning photos! I love that you got to experience a place off the beaten path - less touristy!

Sara said...

Bora, bora is my dream vacation. Cant wait to see your photos!

Diana said...

Think if I looks at the pictures long enought the sunshine and warmth will come through my ipad?