Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bora Bora

Bora Bora has been called the most beautiful island on earth.  And that's not an unreasonable statement.  It's hard to not take non-stop pictures.  Every time I looked up from my beach chair I could hardly believe the view was real.  The blue colors of the lagoon are amazing and change not only with the varying water depths but with the amount and angle of  sunlight and the shadows of the clouds.  You can actually sit and watch it change sometimes.  It's truly surreal.

Views from our beach bungalow

One of many lovely sunsets at Matira Beach-just across the street from our resort.  The water here is extra quiet and smooth, you can walk out forever.
 Daytime at Matira Beach

  A few views from  our walk back from lunch at Bloody Mary's

 More from our bungalow.  You can see two of the other islands in the distance.

 This is the view from the end of the longer row of overwater bungalows.

Another resort on a private island.

Our resort

 Doing some paddle boarding

 View along the beach at the resort
 Shadows on Matira Beach
 Overwater bungalow with the peak of the island in the background
 Watching the sunrise from our bungalow

 Another sunset at Matira Beach

 Rain clouds rolling in.  It rained some almost every day-but only a few minutes at a time, then it would get sunny again.

 Natural colors of the lagoon-taken from from a scenic overlook on one of the motu we stopped at during a tour.

 Birds wanting to get in on the shark feeding.

 Another resort
 Our bungalow
 Rainbow over Matira beach

Walkway at the resort

 Yet another sunset

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