Monday, March 30, 2015

Lickety Split Spring 2015

It's shocking I know, but we actually went to an agility trial!  This weekend it was back to Oklahoma where we always have a good time with the group out there.  Once again we went with no training since well, summer?  

All things considered though they did pretty well.  Saturday they were both 3/5. Legend got 2 regular and a weavers and Lyric got a jumpers, a regular and a tunnelers.  Interestingly Legend NQ'd both jumpers runs, which she almost never does, but the rustiness has to show up somewhere I guess.  

Sunday was less productive.  Legend only got 1/5, but it was a Chances Q.  And a pretty tough course at that.  She actually ran both Chances courses correctly but missed her contact on the A-frame.  That IS something we need to work on before the next trial.  Anyway she is now 6 chances Qs from NATCH 2 and also knocked out some of what she needs to be officially qualified for champs. Getting the two Touch N Go Qs will be the tough part, but in all likelihood we can go without them so I'm not going to sweat it.  Lyric got 1/2 on Sunday picking up another regular.  Her weaving was hit and miss, but it always is.  So nothing lost, nothing gained I guess. 

Next month it's off to Texas for a spring trial on grass.  Should be fun.  And now, a ribbon pic just for fun.

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