Sunday, April 5, 2015

Eventful weekend

Friday I did my last long run before next weekend's half-marathon.  Then we had plans to go out to eat and to a local comedy show.  On the way to dinner we promptly had a car accident.  On the upside, no one was hurt.  On the downside, it put a kink in our night, was our (well, let's be real, Jerry was driving) fault and so we get to take insurance increase and pay our deductible.
Also on the plus side the accident was in a convenient enough location that we still walked to eat, catch the later part of the show and then over to Jerry's office to borrow a company car.  That seems to happen a lot lately...

Saturday, after getting the car towed, we borrowed a trailer, loaded up on fence building supplies, as well a ton of gravel and started our weekend project.  First we built a cattle panel fence around the horse corral since Socks doesn't seem to care about the electric, and since my electric never seems to be working properly anyway.  We also added a real gate, since as I said, the electric wasn't cutting it.  Unfortunately at the end of the day we forgot to check the latch on the old gate, which we had been bringing supplies through and so this morning we had to retrieve the horses out of the neighbors yard.  Socks and Squirt were good like usual and came right up to me to be led home.  I had to take a second trip back for Moses and chase him home, but this time he went right away instead of running the neighborhood like last time.

Here you can seen them in the new fence.  They are either tired from their adventure, or pouting about being punished.
Finally, today we finished scooping all the winter poop from the stalls, laid down new bedding and spread a new layer of gravel in the barn.  It looks much better.  I didn't take a before picture but it was basically a mix of gravel, mud, and the occasional grass.

Then we had to drill holes in the bottom of the big flower pots I bought last year because apparently there were none which meant they didn't drain leading to a mess of rotting plants and stagnant water.  
After that was cleaning up of the garage, and cleaning out a closet.  It's amazing the kind of stuff you hang on to, that then gets buried and lost long past the time it would have ever been useful.  But we now have a lot of space in the closet, and a lot of trash. 

We completed our holiday with a trip to Lowe's for new plants and then to Wal-mart for some groceries. 

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Diana said...

I'm glad you guys are ok. What a pain.