Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Results, results, results

I gotta give kudos to the NACSW as an organization. Not only is entering a trial a snap (unlike agility or obedience entries) but they already have complete results up on their website from the trial this weekend.  I was glad to see this because for an element specialty trial they don't give any placements or score sheets so you don't know your times or how you did compared to the other dogs.  But all this information is available on the website!

In containers Legend ended up 11th out of 28 dogs with a total time of 1:13:82 for all four searches.  Yes, that's 1 minute and 13 seconds.  You thought your ring time in agility went by fast!

In search one she placed 13/28, search three 17/28, search four 8/28 and in search two she took first place with a whopping time of 7.77 seconds!

In the vehicles she placed 8/30 dogs with a time of 2:11:48 for the four searches.  Search one 8th, search two 16th, search three 7th and search four 21st.

Overall I was really pleased with those results.  We don't work vehicles that much so I think she did surprisingly well there.  And she was also competing with a lot of veteran dogs as there was also an NW2 and NW3 trial this weekend that drew in a lot of experienced dogs who just did the element trial for fun.

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