Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome home?

We made the rounds visiting family this weekend which was really nice.  When we got home Sunday evening Legend had vomited in her crate.  She needed a bath, the crate a good hosing.  Otherwise she seemed fine and life went on.

Monday morning she vomited again and had diarrhea.  She also, for what may be the first time in her life, didn't want breakfast.  I went to get her some Cerenia and metronidazole and left Zodiac's bowl on the counter since he was still outside.  The cats got out of their room while I was getting Legend's meds.  When I returned to the kitchen Twix had consumed a pill pocked containing Gabapentin and a whole Tramadol.  Did I mention I was getting ready to leave for work?  I quickly got on VIN to make sure she wouldn't die and left for work.

When I returned later that morning she seemed normal but about an hour later I found her sort of stoned in the garage.  She was pretty loopy and wobbly so I put her away in her room so she wouldn't hurt herself and let her sleep it off.  Later in the evening she was much more alert but more loving than usual.  Today she is normal.

Legend is eating now but still having some diarrhea so is still on i/d and metronidazole.  She continues to act normal.

Also, I had to medicate the pig-that's a story for another day.  Hopefully with pictures.

I sort of feel like I should have been paid just to be home with all the sick animals!

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Diana said...

I'm glad everyone is ok.