Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another weekend gone

Our week was filled with the usual stuff-school, work, homework, running and dog stuff.  Thursday though, the exchange students headed off early on a field trip to Kansas City and Oklahoma where they spent their days visiting museums, historical sites and a Native American Pow Wow.  The report is that this was mostly boring, but they had a fun time getting to know each other in the van and and hanging out in the evenings doing silly teenager stuff.  The other downside was Nadin spent part of the trip not feeling well-best we can tell due to a combination of allergies, caffeine withdrawal and and overload of fast food.

Meanwhile, Jerry and I attended a family reunion in St. Charles on Saturday, wandered along the riverfront shops for a bit, had a BBQ dinner and went to the casino.  Then we headed back to Springfield and hit the 24 hour gourmet doughnut shop for a late night snack and today's breakfast.  Then off to the airport where we were to meet the van and collect our kid.  Which was running late.  We finally headed home around 2:00 AM and to bed at 3:00.  

This morning we all slept in.  Nadin spend the day catching up on homework.  I cleaned house, worked in the barn and groomed the horses and went for a run.  Jerry worked and watched football.  And that's pretty much how things go around here!

Exciting things coming up in the next few weeks though!

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