Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall weekend

Saturday afternoon Cheri joined up and we spent the rest of the day down at the Branson Landing.  It was great weather and they were having some craft booths in addition to the regular shopping.  This was Nadin's first trip so she got to enjoy seeing the river and the fountains.

And as she prepares for her first Halloween she checked out some costume options.
I'm not sure the store clerk was too impressed with us trying on the costumes for a photo op, but we are probably not the only ones so he will just have to live with it.  After all, it's not his first Halloween! Then we all enjoyed a nice evening dinner outside.

Sunday we headed up to Fair Grove for the annual craft fair and heritage festival.  We brought Lyric which Nadin thought was the best idea ever.  We enjoyed lovely weather again and nice crafts.  Nadin got to experience her first port-a-potty (not so good) but also her first chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick (very good).

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